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Old No. 2 - Brisket Rub

Over Two Years in Creating and Testing.

What we got was the ultimate seasoning for beef brisket, pork butts, and other large pieces of meat which require long smoke times.

Many of you have heard about our exciting new Old No. 2 - Brisket Rub, and many of you have already had a chance to try it on your brisket and pork butts.

Now, this special blend is available for the world to enjoy!

brisket rub

What We Did

After cooking thousands of briskets and watching them as they were cooking, we decided to perfect a brisket seasoning that was designed for large cuts of meat such as beef brisket and pork butts.

We took our original Texas BBQ Rub, added more spice, bigger pieces of key spices, and cut down on the sugar. This allows the long, slow cooking of barbecue brisket and barbecue pork butts to absorb more of the flavor from the spices.

We then sent TexasBBQRub - Old No. 2 Brisket Rub to competition teams and select individuals around the United States for them to give it a try on their smoked brisket and smoked pork butts. We used the new Brisket Blend ourselves at the Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook off, and served it to over 1,000 people.

The feedback we received from the teams of individuals that used Brisket Blend was nothing but great comments.

The teams were able to win three state championships and numerous top 3 finishes in brisket and pork butts. With that came more orders for the Brisket Blend from the select few people who knew of its existence.

After a rigorous testing period, we decided to carry it as our first blend after the Original TexasBBQRub.

brisket rub

Now Available to You

Texas BBQ Rub - Old No. 2 Brisket Rub is now available on our web site for you to order. Brisket Blend is available in 2 pound bags just like our Original seasoning. The costs of Brisket Blend is only $14.47 for a 2 lb. back, and we have a special two bag price which saves you 15%.

A big 2 lb. bag of Texas BBQ Rub - Old No. 2 Brisket Rub will rub down approximately 30 pounds of beef brisket or pork butts depending on how much you use on your cut of meat.

Note: We do not recommend Old No. 2 Brisket Rub for pork ribs. This special rub was designed to be used on big, ugly pieces of meat that require over 8 hours of cooking time. We personally tried it on ribs, and our original rub just can't be beat for smoking ribs. For some of the folks that have tried Old No. 2 - Brisket Rub, they do enjoy the taste Old No. 2 - Brisket Rub gives on their barbecued chicken.

bbq brisket

Use the Simple 1-2-3 Method of Applying the Rub

TexasBBQRub - Old No. 2 Brisket Rub was designed just like our Original TexasBBQRub. You simply apply it using the simple 1-2-3 Formula. Simply cover your meat with Worcestershire sauce (or your favorite liquid), rub on Brisket Rub over the Worcestershire sauce until you get a nice gooey mixture on the meat, and then put the brisket or pork butt on the smoker. Cook at a low temperature for approximately 8 to 15 hours.


competition bbq brisket