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Grand Champion BBQ Rib & Brisket Rubs
Our Story

First of all, all of my family was born and raised in the State of Texas. They have grown up, gone to school, and live here. We know what Texas BBQ is all about, and we strive to give you the best tasting Texas style BBQ rub that is being made today.

While I was growing up in Houston, I was fortunate enough to have a Mom and Dad that both loved to cook. We cooked BBQ in a big brick BBQ pit on special holidays for all of the neighbors. The pit still stands there today and my Mom and I still talk about those wonderful days of cooking BBQ for the neighbors. I owe many thanks to my Mom and Dad for getting me interested in BBQ at an early age and for introducing me to such a great pastime.

bill cannon bbq rub

Just In 1995, we were challenged by a dear BBQ friend of ours; Leon, who we cooked with for several years, to develop a barbecue rub that, in his words, was to be a great BBQ rub. He was getting ready to open a BBQ restaurant and was taking his rub (he never would give me the recipe for his rub) along with him to his BBQ restaurant. We were great friends, and he said that I needed to develop my own rub. It needed to not only meet his high standards of great taste and easy of use, but it had to meet my high standards as well.

bill cannon bbq

So, my son Blake and I started out to develop what both Leon and I were looking for in a BBQ rub:

  • Great taste
  • A rub that does not cover up the taste of the meat. But instead, enhances the flavor of the meat
  • Easy to apply to any meat
  • Safe to use
  • Freshly prepared using fresh spices
  • Require no waiting for the meat to be marinaded by the rub
  • Cost effective to serve to hundreds
  • Use on any BBQ meat (brisket, ribs, pork butts, chicken, lamb, etc.)
  • Use both on the BBQ pit and at home (crock-pot, oven, rotisserie)
  • Develop a time saving application for the meat
  • Keep it all simple

These were the high expectations that we both had agreed to. We had a challenge ahead of us...

blake cannon bbq rub


We were fortunate enough to have a great test site for the different rubs that we developed over the next few years. We were feeding over 1,000 people a day at our Houston Rodeo BBQ Cook-off booth. What better place to test a new BBQ rub than that?

We could make small changes in the spice blends we were working on at the time, and we could immediately run this by a thousand or so people. We could listen to their comments and see their reactions. Then, in 1998 after three years of working on the various spice blends and feeding thousands of people, we heard something that we had never heard before...

People were not only talking about how great the BBQ was, but people were walking up to us and asking us where they could get the rub that was on the meat.

We had never heard that with any of the other blends of spices that we had used over the previous three years, so we knew we were on to something that was really special.

So, out of the smoke filled air in February 1998, Texas BBQ Rub was born.

bill cannon bbq rub