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BBQ Gloves

Gloves to Assist the Cook

When you are cooking on your BBQ pit or grille, there are certain tools you can use to help you with your cooking. Of course there is the rub, spices, and wood that are a necessity to your success. The list of Bar-B-Que grilling and smoking tools include such things as spatulas, forks, knives, mops, pans, etc.

Whenever you poke and pierce the meat on the grille or barbecue pit with these sharp tools, you are going to lose juices from inside the meat. You have worked extremely hard to preserve all of the internal juices of your meat, so why sacrifice those juices by poking a hole in the meat?

bbq gloves

There are many pictures on our site that show black gloves our cooking team wears while we are cooking. We have been asked numerous times where these gloves can be purchased.

We are making available to you, the same gloves we use while we are cooking on the pit. It took us a long time to find the gloves that work perfectly with the rugged demands of barbecuing. These gloves allow you to handle the hot meats on the pit and slice your favorite BBQ for your guests without having to worry about burns or cuts.

bbq gloves

The features of our barbecue gloves include:

  • PVC coated to resist grease and oil
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Long 14 inch gauntlet to protect your forearm and wrist as you reach in the pit
  • Fully coated thin jersey cotton lining (on the inside of the gloves) for added insulation and comfort
  • A rough texture to assist you in handling meats
  • Flexible fingers so you can handle whatever you need to handle
  • Completely washable so you can use them several times
  • Protection for your fingers during cutting
  • One size fits all
  • Durable, long-lasting
bbq gloves

These gloves are available to you or the low cost of only $11 a pair. There are no shipping costs for the gloves.

If you look around the internet, you will find comparable BBQ gloves selling for up to $25 a pair. Save yourself a bunch of money and order a pair today. These barbecue gloves are an absolute necessity around the pit.

With savings of up to 150% over other barbecue gloves found on the internet, you can't miss with these.


bbq gloves